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A southwards view of Hoarmount Avenue in GTA Vice City.

Hoarmount Avenue is a great avenue located in Downtown of Vice City in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. This avenue runs from the downtown police station and fire department, to the Hyman Memorial Stadium. It has two-way lanes, with a large number of curves around the street and with a variety of alleys that cross the avenue.


1984 (GTA Vice City Stories)

The avenue runs from the police station as had been mentioned, to some businesses up to a few meters to King Knuts, along with a small square in this one Mal Viento, Les Beans Café and other businesses. Later will the 1412 Hotel where you take the first missions of Lance Vance. In the following sections were two streets that connect the Hyman Memorial Stadium to the street (a street belongs to the same street). At the end of the street are only the lanes that link the field of acrobatics with the avenue and a solar empire later and finally a way to the stadium.


Notable residents

1986 (GTA Vice City)

The avenue remains the same, the difference is that some businesses were replaced by others, in addition to be new. The King Knuts was replaced by a pizza restaurant and Mal Viento store wind was replaced by a clothing store in which an icon to change clothes. Later still the 1412 Hotel but now of no importance and headquarters to V-Rock where the Love Fist staying apart is a concert hall where the Love Fist made ​​their presentation. The Schuman Health Care Center and Hyman Memorial Stadium also remain the same. The Hyman Condo which has also appeared since the previous release but unimportant, you now have access to this avenue.


  • Concert Hall
  • Schuman Health Care Center

Notable residents