Holland Nights

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Holland Nights is a mission in GTA IV, given to Niko by Francis McReary. The mission involves Niko tracking down and killing a drug dealer.

Holland Nights
Niko Bellic killing an associate of Clarence Little.

Niko Bellic killing an associate of Clarence Little.
For Francis McReary
Location East Holland
Reward $5000
Unlocks Lure
Unlocked by Final Interview


The objective is to kill Clarence, a drug dealer, who is located in the second floor of one of the projects in East Holland. When the player arrives at the projects, Niko will call Francis, and then it's time to decide how to finish the mission. The most straightforward way is to simply enter the projects and find Clarence. Many of his goons are in the area, and they'll start shooting if you get too close to your target, so be prepared. Once all hell breaks loose, Clarence will start running to the upper floors, and, if you don't kill him before he gets to the roof, you'll have the option to either spare or kill him. If he's spared, he'll later appear as a random character, being hostile to Niko and trying to get revenge on him for the humiliation he's done to Clarence. The easiest way to finish him and avoid a chase and a gunfight through the projects, is to simply go to the alley across the street and use a sniper rifle to finish the job. No matter how it is done, the police will be all over you, and losing your wanted level completes the mission.


Clarence Little - (Optional) Killed by Niko Bellic.


  • Harlem Nights is possibly the basis for the name of this mission.
  • Another possibility is the song Hollywood Nights by Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band.
  • At the begining Clarence is standing on the second floor. You can throw a molotov to kill him.
  • You can also snipe him from the crane nearby. This is tricky, however, as he will start running as soon as the crosshair is placed over him.
  • If the player calls for backup from Dwayne, Clarence will run up halfway through the stairs, jump over a railing to the ground, run back out a gate and will try to escape on foot. (This doesn't happen, however, if the backup is summoned before entering the apartment complex.)