Hostile Negotiation

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Hostile Negotiation

Niko taking out the kidnappers
For Roman Bellic
Target Dimitri's men & the kidnapper
Location Industrial, Bohan
Fail Dying, shooting or killing Roman, Stepping too close or taking too long to kill the kidnapper holding Roman
Reward Nothing
Unlocks New Algonquin Safehouse
Unlocked by Roman's Sorrow, Have a Heart & Photo Shoot

Hostile Negotiation is a mission in GTA IV.


Provided the player has completed Photo Shoot, and Have a Heart, Niko will get a call from Mallorie, saying that Roman has been kidnapped. Dimitri Rascalov (Niko's nemesis) sends a violent picture of Roman held at gunpoint which Niko mutters at. Head over to the warehouse in Bohan and run to the back. Use the element of surprise and don't use any guns on your way to the yellow marker. Pick up the assault rifle near the yellow marker.

Niko will automatically gain cover and spot his cousin Roman on the very top floor of the giant warehouse. Using the element of surprise, change to a weapon that you think can take out a bunch of people at once (like a grenade). Fire it to show the goons you mean business!


Firstly, call Dwayne for backup. If you ain't got his friendship high enough, the cops (Phone number - 911, then press 1) can do the job (They don't care if you shoot your enemies. Although, be careful, because this ain't tested if the area is clear and the cops are still there. Dwayne is the best option, but if you call the cops, try waiting them to die before killing everyone there.) Equip a M4/AK-47, as a need of accuracy is needed, especially in the warehouse which is full of cover. At first, the thugs will not notice you at first. Take a burst of shots at a group of enemies and aim for the heads. Take out every guard from the first floor while in cover. Some are in cover too, so go inside and finish them. Try to kill any guards on upper floors too. Walk up the stairs to the second floor and look to your right. About five goons are hiding. Shoot them and use their cover to kill the rest of the people on the second floor. Make your way to the third floor and shoot the goons on the roof that become visible. Kill the last of the ones inside and walk up to the room that Roman is being held in.

The last guard has heavy armor and will need several shots to kill. Walk in after he is dead and a cutscene shows Roman Bellic and an unknown kidnapper emerge from the back of the room.

Use a sniper rifle or assault rifle and free-aim it to the kidnapper. Quickly fire because he will kill Roman if he knows you're aiming at him.

Once Roman Bellic is freed, you will see a scene where the goon is executed and Roman is freed and injured. Get into the nearby Bobcat with Roman and drive him to your safehouse in Bohan. Make sure the truck doesn't hit any explosive barrels near the warehouse as this will blow you up.

After this Roman reveals his gambling addiction and also a few in-game hours after you drop Roman off, he will call you to inform that he has purchased a new penthouse in Middle Park Algonquin to hide from Dimitri. You can now use that as your safehouse. Also because Roman is making a great deal of money, he's bought a new fleet of cabs for his Cab Service. Instead of the rusty old Esperantos, it's now black Cavalcades.


  • The events in Hostile Negotiation mark one of the few links between the GTA IV storyline and its episodic counterparts. In this example, the events shortly prior to this mission are played through the perspective of Johnny Klebitz in The Lost and Damned episodic content. It is revealed that Johnny Klebitz kidnapped Roman because Ashley owed Dimitri's men a favour after acquiring a large debt. This side of the kidnap, whose name is Roman's Holiday, has Johnny and Malc kidnapping Roman after gambling at his usual spot and then taking him to the warehouse in Bohan's Industrial District.

This event is also briefly referenced in the original GTA IV storyline, in the form of Roman sending Niko a text explaining how a biker kidnapped him.

  • If you try to land on the roof of the warehouse with a helicopter, you will be shot by two guys standing on the roof with rocket launchers.
  • The staircase where you will go down (after you have rescued Roman) can actually be used to speed up the mission (on the part when you are about to save him); instead of going to the yellow marker, go upstairs, then you will hear the dialogue of Roman and the captor (because you are already at the same floor with them, only that you are outside the warehouse). Most of the henchmen from inside the building will take aggressive action and go up the stairs as well, making them prone to gunfire and, therefore, easier to kill (they have no cover). So it makes the mission a killing spree instead of a takedown.
  • Once you receive the message picture from Dimitri, you can call leave him a message straight away and Niko will talk furiously about him.