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File:Hot Coffee Mod 01.png
Hot Coffee mod in use at girlfriend's house

Hot Coffee refers to an explicit feature of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, where the player was invited into a girlfriend's house and could be seen and operated having clothed sex.

This feature was disabled from the game before release, but not actually removed. This was discovered by Patrick W in 2004, who created a modification (the Hot Coffee mod) to enable it. This was made downloadable for the PC in June 2005, and was released for the PS2 and Xbox soon after.

Much like any GTA related controversy, it was warped by both the media and many anti-gaming advocates, such as Jack Thompson. This lead to the game being pulled from stores across the USA, and re-rated as AO (Adults Only) by the ESRB (already an 18 in the UK). Rockstar were forced to permanently remove this feature and they soon released a non-moddable 2nd edition of GTASA, which regained the M rating.

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