In the Crosshairs

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In the Crosshairs is a mission in GTA IV DLC The Ballad of Gay Tony. It is given by Rodislav Bulgarin to Luis Lopez.


Luis will head to Ray's house. When Luis arrived there, Bulgarin is toting his AK-47 but Timur is nowhere to be found, and appears to be out on a job. Bulgarin tells Luis that he has some business to take care of, and after shooting multiple rounds through the ceiling at his screaming sister, Bulgarin sends Luis on to the place.

Luis heads to Columbus Avenue and Denver Avenue to get to a nearby rooftop. As he get there, he finds a box with the severed head of The Cook inside. Indeed, it appears that the diamonds were stolen from Bulgarin, knowing Gay Tony and Luis involving on the deal, he wants Luis dead, planning an elaborate setup to ambush and kill Luis. Snipers appeard in every diection, helicopters appeared and Bulgarin's men too but all are failed. All are killed by Luis.