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The Imponte Insurrection Turbo XRZ5 X-2 is a sports car advertised in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Much like Maibatsu vehicles advertised in earlier GTA III era games, the Insurrection is not seen on the road. The radio ad is meant to appeal to men in midlife crisis.

The V-8 engine and T-top feature suggest that its real life equivalent is the third-generation Pontiac Firebird.

Radio Ad Transcript

Leisure. Rebellion. Insubordination. Shift into the awesome reality with the Imponte Insurrection Turbo XRZ5 X-2. For men more interested in 0-to-60 than 9-to-5.

Feel the pulse of the streets in this ultra turbo coupe. It's a world-class turbocharged touring car, where you're surrounded by the very latest in high-tech technological wizardry.

Like an overhead digital clock, remote control mirrors, and electronic ashing device for your cigarette.

Plus, a genuine pleather-wrapped steering wheel, so you know what you're gripping.

Visit the new definition of freedom and luxury with the Imponte Insurrection Turbo XRZ5 X-2.

Take out the T-tops, put them in the trunk, step on the gas, and hear the throaty roar of the V-8 screaming under the hood.


Yeah. Give it to her. She wants it.

(exhaust burst)

The Imponte Insurrection Turbo XRZ5 X-2. Isn't it time you outperformed the competition, and came first?

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