Inversion Therapy

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Inversion therapy is preached by Darious Fontaine. He tells people to "Face Your Fears." This Is heard throughout the radio in San Andreas. Examples of people facing their fears is a mother who was afraid of her children getting hurt so she stabbed them and now it dosent bother her anymore, or a man who was afraid to sleep with his mother and now that he has done it he dosent want to anymore. On 'Entertaining America with Lazlow' Chris formaige(Leader of the Epsilon Cult) and Darious Fontaine are on one of the shows and Lazlow says " Darious Fontaine, Not you dude, What you told me to do to my mother is illegal, in most states" and Chris Formaige tells Fontaine to 'Kiss His Ass.' This has made it very clear that Inversion Therapy dosent work and most people have a Disliken to Fontaine.


Beutrix Fontaine the Fortune Teller that has no psychic powers in GTA IV is rumored to be Darious Fontaines wife. More reasons to beleve this is the fact is that their both fraudsters as Inversion Therapy does not work and Beutrix Fontaine makes up peoples fortunes as she goes along.