Involuntary Ejection

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File:Winshield ejection1.jpg
Niko Bellic being ejected through the windshield of a Turismo after a high speed impact
Windshield Ejection is a feature in Grand Theft Auto IV. If the player is travelling at a high speed and they srash into an object or vehicle, there is a good chance thet they will be propelled through the windshield.


If a player gets ejected through the windshield the windshield will break an the player will be flung out of the car. They will roll and bump before coming to a stop. Although being ejected from the windshild rarley results in death, the player may fly out of the windshield into oncoming traffic which can cause major damage to the players health. The effects can be catastrophic if the player is low on health.


  • If a player has a head on collusion with an vehicle at a high enough speed then they will fly out however the driver thet the player hit will not. Instead he will shlump down with his face planted on the horn. He is dead. However if the player bails out of his vehicle before it hits the other vehicle then the driver of the other vehicle will fly out. The point? The player can not eject other drivers if he crashes into them.