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The Jamaican Posse is a Afro-Caribbean gang operating out of Dukes in Liberty City, present in Grand Theft Auto IV.

The Jamaican Gang is led by Real Badman, a respected Jamaican gangster in Dukes. The gang mostly deals cannabis and its various forms, as well as small firearms. The gang operates out of an apartment complex in Dukes, as well as a Rastafarian pool hall named the Homebrew Cafe. The cafe is owned and operated by "Little" Jacob Hughes, the protege of Badman and a very capable firearms dealer.

The gang runs into trouble frequently with other drug dealers in Dukes and Broker, and also employs hired guns like Niko Bellic. At one point Real Badman also finds himself under pressure from Russian gangsters who hope to absorb his organization into their own. Badman refuses and sends a message by murdering several of the Russians with the help of Niko. Most members of the gang are Rastafarians and can be seen smoking marijuana.