James Pedeaston

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James Pedeaston is a child molester wanted in Malaysia and is being investigated by the FBI. He hosted The Wild Traveller show on WCTR in 1992. He enjoys traveling the world and logging some of his most 'exotic' encounters in his travelogue, some of which he accidentally reads on-air to the disgust of the listener. His show appears to be so reviled by his listeners that at one point, he receives few calls which are not supportive. For example, a caller tells him to stop droning on about other countries and focus on talking about where he lives. He also got a phone call from a suicidal man that wanted to go to hell and he told him "Me too! Buy me a refrigerator magnet when you get there". On October 23, 2003, James was tried and convicted. Sometime in between his trial and the setting of Grand Theft Auto IV, a site was set up (freejames.org) asking people to donate to his legal fund. The website only received $23.