Jizzy (mission)

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Woozie is explaining to Cesar that him and Carl are friends. Carl asks Woozie to name the people in the photos that you took. Woozie's assistant, Su Xi Mu, jumps in. Thats the Loco Syndicate, he says. The first guy (he points to Mike Toreno) runs things, but he doesn't know his name. The second is T-Bone Mendez, he's the muscle and the third is Jizzy B, the biggest pimp in town. He helps setup the deals. Woozie says that Jizzy runs the pleasure domes club in the old fortress under the Gant Bridge. Goto Jizzy's club, and stop in the red marker. Carl explains to Jizzy that he'd be willing to offer his services. Co-incidently, Jizzy needs a few jobs done. Some lunatic has been messing with his girls, and he killed two of them last week. Find out what it's all about. First, however, you must drop off one of his girls at the hotel in Downtown. Get inside the pimpmobile and drop her off.

Jizzy speaks to you on the carphone. Waste the pimp in Hashburry who has been messing with his girls. Stand well away, or the pimp will run and you are forced to chase. Take him out from a distance, and get back in the pimpmobile. Jizzy calls again, and says that some of his girls in Foster Valley have been getting knuckled over. Save Jizzy's girl! A health bar appears for the ho, and you must save her before it runs out. Drive under the intersection where the ho is, and kill the two enemies. Get back in the pimpmobile and once again, Jizzy calls. Apparently you're bad luck to him. The ho that you dropped off at the hotel wants out of the business! Her sugar daddy has persuaded her to stay off the streets. Go and make an example out of them. Stop in the red marker at the hotel in Downtown, and watch as the preacher and his protection leave the building. Kill all of them, by doing a drive-by shooting. Jizzy calls and asks that you keep the car away from him, his girls and his club.

$3000, Respect +

   *Woozie calls and asks you to go and see him sometime. He's running a betting store in Chinatown.