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Johnny Zoo is the leader of Yakuza in the game Grand Theft Auto 2. Zoo is the first employer of Claude Speed. Zoo is also a big car collector. The Yakuza are feuding with the Zaibatsu Corporation and Zoo employs Claude to destroy the Zaibatsu. Meanwhile, Zoo has more problems because the Loonies refuse to pay off their debts to the Yakuza, so Zoo sends Claude to blow up their "Happy" gas tanks. Zoo then has Claude rescue two high ranking Yakuza officials from the Zaibatsu. After sucessfully returning them, the Yakuza try to extract information from Doctor Zitzaki (a former Zaibatsu doctor). Unfortunately, Claude silences Zitzaki under the orders of the Zaibatsu, before the Yakuza can extract any information from him. The Zaibatsu use the Yakuza's methods and try to extract information from a high ranking Yakuza member but this eventually fails when Claude silences him. Later in the storyline, The police impounds Zoo's car, so he has Claude retrive it. The Military are very angry that Zoo has recovered his car, so they send the army to destroy his car collection. but with the help of Claude, Zoo sucessfully fends them off. Eventually, Claude under the orders of the Loonies and the Zaibatsu corportaion, Helps destroy the Yakuza.