Jug MkII

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File:Jug MkII.jpg
Jug MkII in GTA London 1969

The Jug MkII is a four-door saloon which appears in Grand Theft Auto: London 1969.


The Jug MkII is an obvious recreation of a Jaguar MkII. Unlike its real-life counterpart, The Jug has a more angular front end and a rounder rear end. The Jaguar was also featured in the British television show "Inspector Morse". Morse's Jaguar was red with a black roof, one of the colour schemes for the Jug. The term "Jug" is British slang for a woman's breast.


The Jug's preformance is similar to its counterpart, slighty below acceleration, an average top speed, smooth handling and average brakes. Also, If delivered in mint condition, the car's base export value is £1000.