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Jump Start is the first mission of the game. Vinnie explains to you that you have to make money to get you out of the city. Then it tells you to follow Vinnie to the car. Follow him down the path and when you get there you will see a green car. A cutscene comes up. Vinnie tells you to drive while he gets his head together for his meeting with the mafia. Then Mike tells Vinnie to just take their chances with the money. Press L and get in the car. Vinnie tells you to drive to a Restaurant in Portland Beach and it will be easy to spot. Look at your radar and drive to the Pink dot, thats the restaurants location. Press A to start driving. Press the Control Pad Down to brake when you need to. Press R to E-Brake on the sharp corners. Stop in the blue spot and push Control Pad Up and R to sound the horn. In the next cutscene Vinni will tell you to watch the hideout to make sure its not being watched. Get in the car and drive to the pink house icon to check the hideout. Get out of the car and walk into the blue circle to finish the mission. MISSION PASSED will appear when finished.