Kanbu Bust-Out

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Kanbu Bust-out
Kenji Kasen telling Claude about a Yakuza Kanbu being imprisoned and awaiting trial.

Kenji Kasen telling Claude about a Yakuza Kanbu being imprisoned and awaiting trial.
For Kenji Kasen
Target Rescue Kanbu
Location Torrington, Staunton Island, Liberty City
Fail Kill Kanbu
Reward $25,000
Unlocks Grand Theft Auto
Unlocked by Under Surveillance

Kanbu Bust-out is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III given to protagonist Claude by Yakuza co-leader Kenji Kasen from his casino in the Torrington district of Staunton Island, Liberty City.


Kenji informs Claude that a high ranking member of the Yakuza has been arrested by the Liberty City Police Department and that Claude will be breaking him out. Claude takes a police car to 8-Ball's bomb shop, getting the car rigged with a time bomb. Claude drives to the police headquarters and parks the car next to the cells, before detonating the bomb. Claude and Kanbu then steal a police vehicle to escape the police station before changing cars to lose the pursuing police. After losing the police, Claude takes Kanbu to the Hyaku Dojo.


Kenji Kasen: My sister speaks highly of you, though I am yet to be convinced that a gaijin can offer anything but disappointment. Perhaps you can help deal with a situation that has me at a disadvantage. Of course failure has its own disgrace. A Yakuza Kanbu is in custody awaiting transfer for trial. He is a valued member of the family. Break him out of custody and get him to the dojo at Bedford Point.


The reward for completing the mission is $30,000. The mission Grand Theft Auto is unlocked.


  • The cell Kanbu is in had blood marks all over the wall, insinuating that he was tortured.
  • The same blood marks inside the cell are reused for Apartment 3c in GTA Vice City.
  • It is not required to complete any of Kenji's mission to finish the story. However, completing the mission Waka-Gashira Wipeout will permanently disable all of Kenji's missions, preventing the player from achieving 100% completion.


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