Kanbu Bust-Out

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This is a mission given to Claude by Kenji, the first one he has for him. A high ranking and well-appreciated member of the Yakuza has gotten himself jailed, and Claude is tasked with breaking him out. Claude steals a police car, heads over to 8-Ball's Staunton Island bomb shop, where it is rigged with a timed bomb. He then parks the car just next to the back wall of the jail cell and arms it, finds some cover, and the car explodes. Claude then commandeers a nearby police vehicle and takes Kanbu outside of the compound, where the clandestinely switch cars and respray it to lose the wanted level. After this, Claude transports Kanbu to the Hyaku dojo, where he is payed for his services and the mission ends. The name Kanbu either refers to his rank in the Yakuza, or it is his actual name, though it is undetermined, for the game never gives reason for the name of the mission.

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