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Kayla Paulo is a fictional character appearing in the Grand Theft Auto 4 era in Tv programs such as in the opening credits of I'm Rich and a episode of Fizz!.

Background and Personality

Kayla Paulo is a Celebutante Socialite currently living in San Andreas, she is featured on the Liberty City based reality lifestyle program I'm Rich which made her a celebrity. Kayla's father own's several large casino's in Las Venturas and has made a billion dollar fortune, she is a regular fixture of the local tabloids, though Kayla will oneday inherit over $1 billion she state's that she is more white trash then Tyler Dixon and often throw's tantums infront of the paparazzi (most likely to receive attention). Kayla was given her own X reality show dubbed Keeping up with Kayla which despite a ratings-hit was cancelled after just 1 season presumibly because Kayla wanted the second season to be filmed on Mars. Kayla attended Bullworth Academy a strucured boarding school somewhere in New England where she met her future BFF and fellow billionaire heiress Jill Von Crastenburg (even though Kayla in 21 and Jill is 13).

Family and Personal Wealth

As stated in Background and Personality Kayla is a billionaire casino heiress and will oneday inherit a billion-dollar gambling empire, her father Jamie Paulo is very distant to his daughter, choosing to reside in the penthouse suite at one of his casino's in Las Venturas and bearly even speaking to her.

Lifestyle and Extravagance

The Paulo family own many luxurius mansions and estates around the country including a 123-room mansion in the Richman area of Los Santos, a opulant estate in San Fierro's Calton Heights neighbourhood and a island mansion somewhere in the North Pacific. Kayla is a regular face on the San Andreas club scene and Los Santos party cercuit and is alway's being followed by the paparazzi, she frequents Vinewood hotspot Studio 69 and her extravagance has gone as far as having 35 limitless creditcards, a wordrobe worth $25 million, owning a jumbo jet with it's own lap pool and nightclub inside.


  • Rich Heiress and Debutante
  • Well-Known Celebutante Socialite
  • Regular Face on the San Andreas Club Scene and Los Santos Party Cercuit
  • Best Friends with Fellow Heiress Jill Von Crastenburg
  • Attended the Bullworth Academy Boarding School in New England
  • Will Oneday Inherit Over $1 Billion
  • Had a Highly-Rated Television Program on the X Network
  • Resides in Vast Estate in Richman, Los Santos


  • Her show, Keeping Up With Kayla, is most likely a play on the show Keeping up With the Kardashians