Kenny Petrovic

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Konstantin "Kenny" Petrovic is a character in Grand Theft Auto IV. He is widely considered to be the most powerful Russian mobster in Liberty City, possibly in America.

Kenny Petrovic is the boss of the Petrovic Family, which temporarily goes to war with the Faustin Family. Mikhail Faustin and his violent streak constantly bothers the other Russian leaders, and eventually that paranoia leads to Mikhail ordering the assassination of Lenny Petrovic, despite the advice of Dimitri Rascalov. After the murder of his son, Mr. Petrovic puts contracts on the heads of Mikhail Faustin, Dimitri Rascalov and the assassin, Niko Bellic.

However, to avoid murder Dimitri makes a deal with Petrovic. He explains that Lenny's murder was all Mikhail's doing, and that Niko is simply a hired gun. Petrovic agrees to let Dimitri live if Mikhail does not. Mikhail is assassinated and Dimitri takes over his former organization, sating Petrovic's lust for revenge.