King in Exile

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You get a short break from all the action in the next couple of brief missions as you reconnect with your sister, her bofiend, and your sort-of girlfriend. When you follow the "CV" icon on the map you end up at a red marker outside the trailer home in Angel Pine, CJ walkes in on Ceaser nd Kendal.


Meet Ceaser and Kendal Ceaser is hot and he says he wants to "cap me some dop dealers." He knows the bad guys; Tenpenny, Pulaski and former brother Big Smoke. CJ can't believe that smoke is a pusher but Kendal convinces him it's true. Ceaser explains that Smoke sends a car up to San Fierro twice a week to pack up trunk-loads of "white" (cocaine). CJ decides to keep an eye on the highway to San Fierro and tells everyone to keep low.