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The LCPD Database is an online database of criminals that is found on the LCPD Website in GTA IV. Many characters from the game are profiled in this Database, below is a list of the characters in alphabetical order.

A - E

Allen, Marnie
Ancelloti, Gracie
Ancelloti, Giovanni
Andrews, Jermaine
Arnold, Lester
Asaltacunas, Ernesto
Austin, Luther
Barbosa, Johnny "Spaz"
Bardas, Mallorie
Bell, Phil
Bellic, Roman
Bellic, Niko
Benavidez, Teddy
Boccino, Ray
Botino, Sammy
Bridges, Marlon
Bulgarin, Ray
Butler, Ashley
Bytchkov, Ivan
Chilton, Alexandra "Alex"
Cleethorpes, Lyle
Corrado, Anthony
Corrola, Joe
Crane, Bernie
D'Avanzo, Rudy
Del Rio, Lola
DiLeo, Joe "Tuna"
Dimayev, Adam
Dixon, Tyler
Escuela, Manny