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Limited Gas Station (Often shortened to LTD) is a business in Grand Theft Auto V which sells health snacks to the player. The store also contains a soda machine and an ATM. The convenience store may also be robbed, netting the player between $120 and $950. Players may also find the Jerry Can between gas pumps at many of the locations. A computer is available for access in the back of the store, but entering the office may raise your Wanted Level.

It is not possible to go into the gas station until the introduction story missions for Franklin and Michael are completed and the garages are available.


  • P's & Q's - $1 (+%12 HP) "The candy that kids and stoners love."
  • EgoChaser - $2 (+%25 HP) "The energy bar that's all about YOU."
  • Meteorite - $4 (+%50 HP) "Dark chocolate with GOOEY core."

The store also contains a soda machine, where soda may be purchased for $1.



LTD Gas Station is often referred to as the "convenience store" where players can perform armed robbery. Armed robbery is performed by aiming a gun at the clerk and waiting for them to empty the register. More can be read about the subject in Armed Robbery in GTA V.