Leon McAffrey

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Leon McAffrey is a bent Liberty City Police Department (LCPD) detective who finds that aiding criminals pays more than a cop's salary ever could. He is on Salvatore Leone's payroll and helps Toni deal with the encroaching Forellis in Staunton Island. Above all else, McAffrey cares about getting paid. He is indifferent to the way his actions cause the deaths of good cops on the street, and drives around in a shiny Banshee sports car paid for by graft.

Leon's newest Partner is Ray Machowski. Surprisingly, in 1998, Ray is still a good cop who is appalled by his partner's dealings with mobsters, but seems powerless to stop it. Leon despises Ray and constantly berates him for being such a straight arrow. It is implied that seeing McAffrey driving expensive cars and skimming money is bending Ray into a bitter, disillusioned man.

Leon's character stemmed from his more brief role in Grand Theft Auto III, in which he would be ironically ordered to be killed by Ray, for attempting to pass over evidence in exchange of a discharge. It should be noted that Leon is only known by his last name in GTA III.

Ron Orbach provided the voice of Leon McAffrey.