Liberty City Bank

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The Liberty City bank is located in the inaccessible area know as Ghost Town. Nothing is known about the bank, other than Catalina, and Claude robbing the bank, then catalina shot you dead, so she can use the money to gain more respect in the commonly known gang, The Columbian Cartel. The bank aslo has two Securicar's parked outside the front, however they are un-drivadle due to the fact that they are not solid as well. As mentioned before, the Liberty City Bank, as well as Ghost Town itself, is not meant to be reached, and only accsseible by a Dodo, a Rhino, the flying cars Cheat, or for PC users a simple Mod. In the rear end of the bank there is two security camera's in which claude breaks, two dumsters and some labled trash on the floor, and air conditioning units. if the player Reaches Ghost Town, they can go right through the bank as it is not solid as well.


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