Liberty City Trade Union

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File:LCTU Liberty City Trade Union.jpg
Liberty City Trade Union emblem.
The Liberty City Trade Union (LCTD) is the union exerted on Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, and that no mentioned in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto Advance. This group gets to have more importance in the year 1998, when led by Jane Hopper go on strike to bribe mayor of Liberty City for profit.

Union Leaders

Jane Hopper

Jane Hopper is the leader principal of the union, in addition it is the only that comes to light and the most advertising has. Is a woman corrupt and only wants to bribe the mayor and politicians to give money and end the strike that followed Strikers according to their orders.

Leaders unknown

The mission Frighteners of Salvatore Leone he asks Toni Cipriani to frighten the union leaders who are in Portland, wich are a total is 3 :

  • Union leader: The first is to the north- west Salvatore´s Mansion and Harwood About Head Radio. Toni just have to ram his car until acerlo down on him and then hit a few times to surrender.Toni just have to ram his car until acerlo down on him and then hit a few times to surrender.
  • Union leader: The second is easily Chinatown, also will to do lower the vehicle just that this in contrast, have a Pistol with which you shoot with Toni. Should only hit or shot (not killed) to surrender.
  • Union leader: The third is perhaps the easiest of all. Can be between Chinatown and Portland View, and you just have to crash the car to say : " He's crazy man! I do not want more problems! " and leave.


File:Portland harbor strikers.jpg
The strikers in Portland Harbor, GTA LCS.
The Strikers are workers or workers on strike. For orders Jane Hopper they are protesting and blocking at the entrances of the following establishments:

If either goes into these establishments to force the Protestants have orders to attack their Baseball Bats and Molotov Cocktails (Frighteners).