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The Lifeinvader tablet with the website's logo on screen.

Lifeinvader is an online social networking service in Grand Theft Auto V based on Facebook. The service allows users to update their status and share photos and videos, while also featuring advertisements and memes. Its in-game and real-life URL is In-game, it is unknown how, if at all, interactive the site will be to the player. Players can interact with the real-life version of the site using their Social Club account.


Lifeinvader also offers a branded tablet, similar to the real-life, Facebook-branded HTC ChaCha smartphone. This tablet features a FLEECA card slot and a phallic power-supply port. It is advertised under the slogan "It's time to dock!", referencing the homosexual act.

Known Users


  • The name is a reference to the pervasive/invasive nature of Facebook
  • The first known meme on the site is an advice animal reading: "TRANNY PIG - IS WATCHING YOU POOP"


The LifeInvader Tablet: