Liquidize the Assets

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Liquidize the Assets
For Jon Gravelli
Location Alderney
Reward $14500
Unlocks That Special Someone
Unlocked by Dining Out

Liquidize the Assets is the final mission given to Niko by Jon Gravelli in Grand Theft Auto IV


Jon Gravelli is not too fond of the Russians, and he asks Niko to destroy their loot at the compound in Alderney City. Niko heads over to the compound to destroy every cocaine van. Once they are all blown up, the Russian Mafia will yell that Niko has cost them a lot of money. Niko escapes the compound and receives a happy call from Gravelli saying that the vans have been blown up properly.


Drive over and see Jon Gravelli. He and the U.L. Paper contact found that some Russians and the Ancelottis have struck a business deal to sell drugs.

Drive over to the compound in Alderney. If necessary, buy a RPG with a few missiles from the back-alley gun shop around the corner of the compound or call Little Jacob for "guns."

Near the entrance is a rickety fence which can be scaled without attracting the enemy's attention. Go through the unguarded section and climb a ladder at the far end. Walk along a wall top until you reach air ducts which can be climbed. Go to the second-highest roof and kill the sniper on the corner of the highest roof. Kill other visible enemies in the compound and watch for soldiers who may fire at you or descend from the highest roof -- they should be easy kills while on the ladder. Make sure that every rooftop enemy is killed before moving on. Climb to the highest roof to collect armor and sniper ammo, then go through the door and down the stairway. One of the vans to be destroyed is parked just outside the door at the bottom -- it may be driven or used as cover, but watch for smoke and flame in a firefight. Also watch the health meter, as enemy gunfire is especially accurate in the compound. Vans are destroyed by rocket, grenade, or sustained machine gun fire. A Russian may try to escape with a van but blow it up before it reaches you or the end of the compound. Then destroy any van(s) you missed. First aid and armor can be found in the compound.

Expect a phone call. The U.L. Paper contact has found Darko Brevic(the man that Niko is looking for) with the assistance of Jon Gravelli. They've brought him in to Liberty City (see That Special Someone).