Little Italy

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Little Italy was a district located within Fort Staunton prior to 1998, when it was destroyed by Toni Cipriani.


The district itself was not called Little Italy and was considered part of the area of Fort Staunton. Sometime between 1992 and 1998, the Forelli Family moved its operations here from St. Marks [notably Marco's Bistro]. It was here that Franco Forelli ran the operations of the family. In 1998, Toni Cipriani entered the abandoned subway system that ran underneath the area in order to demolish the area and allow Donald Love to begin a deal with the Panlantic Corporation which involved a large area of land[none of which was available priot to the destruction of the neighborhood]. The Forellis had begun using the abandoned tunnels as a weapons storage, further adding to the destruction of the neighborhood once the bombs that Toni had placed. The district was destroyed and killing many people, including Franco Forelli[presumably, as he is not mentioned or heard from after this incident]. Soon after, Donald Love and the Panlantic Corporation begin renovating the area, with the Colombian Cartel eventually gaining control of the area by 2001.