Loan Shark

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Loan Shark is a business in the Empire Building feature of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


This business makes more income than what the Protection Racket does. If the player wants to put this in his/her empire it will cost $2000 for a Small-Time, $3900 for a Medium Venture, and $5800 for a High-Roller. If the High-Roller size is bought the player will receive the Repo-Man outfit and will be available at every safehouse. This site is the second one of three that can be constructed without access to Vice Beach.

Empire Mission

The mission for this site is to repossess two vehicles. PCJ 600s, and Bensons. These are the only two vehicles to take so it will switch back and forth to the other vehicle. The mission is simple but sometimes the owners of the cars will get out and start shooting at you, or try to hit you with a melee weapon. Once you finish fifteen levels the business will have increased income and your reputation will be maxed out plus you will have the nickname the Crim Reaper