Looking for that Special Someone

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Looking for That Special Someone is the title of the second official trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV, released by Rockstar Games on 28th June 2007.

The trailer shows more gameplay and animation; including speech, driving and weapons fire - the characters also appear to have fingers for the first time. Some of the new effects include Niko holding onto the back of a truck, and hanging from the skids of a helicopter. Also, some of the trees in the trailer appear to be brown, another indicator thats seasons will play a part. Reflections can also be seen, including in a wing mirror.

Several references to previous GTA games can be seen, including a Binco clothes shop and graffiti of El Burro.

All footage in this trailer is captured in real-time on a next generation gaming console, so it is a true indicator of what playing GTA IV will be like. It is running on R.A.G.E. (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine) using Euphoria - a fully procedural animation package created by NaturalMotion. As we saw earlier in the week, the song in this trailer is by New York City based band The Boggs and is titled "Arm In Arm (Shy Child Remix)"


  • You're looking for some people
  • Niko: We're all looking for that special someone
  • Niko: I need to know what happened. Give me that!
  • Niko: For 10 years I've been searching
  • Niko: I need this from you. I guarantee that we will find this man
  • Woman: Please, no more killing
  • Roman: Don't do anything stupid, cousin
  • We have to find him
  • Fine. You guys, you want my word? You got my word!
  • Niko: Find the one who survived
  • Over phone: Get this done and we'll talk

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