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The Lost clubhouse is a safehouse in The Lost and Damned & is accessible after the mission Clean and Serene. It has three stories, It has an entrance at the side of the clubhouse and one at the front. Outside there is a parking space where Johnny can park vehicles, it is primarily used to store bikes.

On the first floor is a bar and a small caged room for a stripper to dance, there is a various small rooms around, one with a television inside and one with a mattress where players can save their progress and advance by 6 hours.

The second floor has three activities, Arm wrestling,Hi lo card game and Pool(Where, after the gamehas been played, you can use a pool cue as a weapon by automatically picking it up or swapping it in exchange for another melee weapon)

On the top floor, you can access the roof, which is quite large. There is also a set of stairs leading down to the side of the building.


After doing a mission for Ray Boccino Johnny Klebitz& other members of The Lost Brotherhood find the clubhouse trashed during a cut scene, where Johnny then asks for the place to be put out of its misery, and burned down. After this the club house is unaccessible.

Although it is unaccessible, many people have found a glitch to allow access to the club house again. This is known as the TV glitch. To do so, access the roof, by ascending the stairs, walk around untill there is a pop up on screen to watch television, watch the television as you usually would and then stop watching television, this will allow you to access the clubhouse again. Although, you cannot leave the clubhouse unless you die or load your previous game. Pool is still available and the television, but the Hi-Lo card game and arm wrestling is not.