Marta Full of Grace

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When you arrive at Elizabeta's apartment you'll be treated to another cutscene. In this one, Johnny asks Liz why the convoy you attacked in Heavy Toll had to be hit so hard. Elizabeta proclaims that as the boss, large numbers of casualties come with it. Johnny says she should try to limit such casualties, which propels Liz into a short life story about why she's justified in using extreme violence. Anyway, after the shenanigans, Liz talks to her drug mule who's just arrived in Liberty City from Puerto Rico internally carrying a large amount of drugs. Liz asks Johnny to go to Francis International Airport on the Dukes/Broker island in order to pick up the mule, Marta.

Unfortunately, she's been discovered by a fed. Johnny approaches the two and asks the woman if she's Marta. When she responds positively, he knees the fed in the balls and runs behind some cover with Marta in tow. From here, you'll need to eliminate the police and NOOSE officers that've appeared. Once they're all laid to waste, you'll have a 3-star wanted level and a ton of police on your tail, including a pesky helicopter. Evade the police and you'll be told to bring Marta to Elizabeta's place in Bohan. During the trip, Marta tries to talk to Johnny, however she only speaks Spanish and Johnny hardly knows any at all. Fortunately for the player, with subtitles on, you can see exactly what she's saying written in English. Once back to the safety of Liz's, Marta thanks Johnny in Spanish and the two go their separate ways.