Meltdown (GTA IV)

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Ray never got his diamonds. They disappeared after they were picked up by Niko and the crew. Ray has a gut feeling that Niko did not have anything to do with it, so he sends him to retrieve them from Luca and his pals. As Niko approaches them, they can be heard in their car, anticipating their trip to Las Venturas. Niko confronts them, and tells them to not play dumb, and just give him the diamonds. Luca and his crew feign offense to this statement, and the last thing they say before speeding off is that they're going to tell Ray that it was Niko that ripped him off. Niko steals a Banshee (dragging the owner behind it) and chases Niko through Star Junction until Luca's car crashes into Middle Park. Niko enters the park on foot, and takes down all of Luca's crew. Niko corners Luca himself in the bathroom, having hidden in a stall. Luca pleads for his life, attempting to bribe Niko with a cut of the diamonds. Niko plugs Luca (while he's sitting on the john, lol) with a shot from his pistol. Niko gets in touch with Ray over the phone and finds out that his job was to simply retrieve the ice, not kill Luca. Oops.