Mickey Hamfists

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Mickey Hamfists is a large goon working for the Leone crime family. Mickey has a loyal henchman's attitude and he always acts as a top subordinate. He is present at JD O'Toole's "made" ceremony in Liberty City Stories. Under the orders of Salvatore, Mickey kills JD O'Toole before the ceremony begins, saying that Salvatore would never trust a man who turned on his old bosses. This incident makes Toni a little nervous later on when he is appointed to be "made." Mickey escorts him to the ceremony in a very similar fashion that JD was, but luckily for Toni, there is no set-up and he is indeed "made."

Three years later, Mickey Hamfists is a bodyguard for Luigi Goterelli, and the co-manager of Sex Club 7 (along with Luigi). Mickey always checks Luigi's visitors for him, and will simply deliver a written letter to them at times. Nevertheless, "police records" from the official GTA III website described him as "a moron." Mickey also has prior convictions for assault, racketeering, and multiple involvements with narcotics.