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"Misappropriation" is a mission given to GTA: San Andreas protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson by Officer Frank Tenpenny during his stay in Las Venturas. It can be accessed through their residence in Prickle Pine, Las Venturas.


First, get a vehicle, preferably a motorcycle, then proceed to Aldea Malvada, once there, kill the agents guarding the handover, you will then the receive a warning that the agent is escaping through a helicopter, follow him. He will land in a helipad in near Roca Escalante, Las Venturas, kill him when he lands, you should be alright as he is only armed with a Micro SMG.


As usual, Tenpenny's missions have no reward whatsoever. You only get a simple text indicating that you passed the mission, that's it.


The sequel to the mission is High Noon, which should be available after completing Saint Mark's Bistro