Missions in GTA V

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Because the game is still in full development, this page need to complete when the Grand Theft Auto V is realese. Also remember that missions or a mission is or are just speculation or speculations and not true stuffs.

Unknown roberring mission

In the debut trailer, we can seen the possible protagonist and his men hopping out from Bugstars van trying to robbering a jewerly store. This mission is likely similar with Three Leaf Clover in Grand Theft Auto IV where Niko Bellic and his men robbering the Bank of Liberty. The single difference betweem these missions is that in GTA V, the possible protagonist comming with two men and in Three Leaf Clover, Niko comming with three men. Also, in GTA V, they're disguised in Bugstars outfits and in GTA IV, they wear black hoods. AK-47 is present in both missions. Also, in GTA V there is a jewerly store and in GTA IV is a bank.

Unknown flying mission

Is a scene where a Cropduster flying over three farmers and spraying pesticides.