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Mohammad is a South Asian taxi driver in his late thirties employed under Roman Bellic and is the one who drives Niko Bellic around when he gains free taxi rides as Roman's friendship ability. He at first picks Niko up in one of Roman's Esperanto taxis, but upgrades to a Cavalcade right after Roman buys a new safehouse in Algonquin. He is usually rude and hates not only Roman but also Niko for getting free cab rides. Mohammad usually calls Niko a "dog lover". Mohammad admits the only reason he works for Roman is to meet girls and to get his wife to shut up and usually cheats on her with his female customers. It has been hinted in conversations with him that he has six kids. His wife hasn't had any yet, but he estimates that with all of the adulterous acts he commits, he probably has around that number. He is always seen wearing a blue jacket.