Monster (mission)

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After getting a mysterious phone call telling him to go to a place in Tierra Robada, Carl Johnson finds the place empty besides a few mechanics. He is startled by a voice spoken through a hidden intercom. CJ must do a little test in the a form of an off-road time-trial, using a monster truck.

Follow the checkpoints using the mini-map as a guide. You don't have to be meticulous with your driving since the Monster is an off-road vehicle and it's twice the size of most cars on the road. There's a less chance you'll end up upside down. Remember to use the handbrake to make the truck turn on a dime. There are 35 checkpoints in all and you must reach the last checkpoint under 6:30.


Voice: Carl, darling, welcome.

Carl Johnson: Some fucking welcome, man. What you know about my family?

Voice: Now first we need to see what you're made of.

Carl Johnson: What do I look like I'm made of? Pudding?

Voice: No - anger, and hate. And that's what I like about you. There's a truck in the garage. Whaddya say we take it for a spin.

(CJ is talking with a guy, probably a mechanic)

Guy: Here's the deal, this is all about speed and commitment. You got a GPS in the cab. Get to each set of map coordinates as quick as you can. Make it to all the coordinates then get the truck back here. Lose the truck and you fail.

Carl Johnson: First, what's a GPS? Second, fail what? And third, who the fuck are you?

Guy: Sorry, need-to-know basis only! Oh, one more thing, this baby's got four-wheel steering instead of a handbrake. Good luck!


The reward for completing this mission is $4000.