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Biker Officer with Nightstick
Biker Police are the only police force around the state of San Andreas that are consistent in all areas. (EG Country/Desert Police are found in Respective areas and each state has a different police force.) They are dressed in black with white helmets and are armed with Nightsticks and 9mm Pistols.


Biker Police with Bikes (best viewed enlarged)

The Biker Police ride HPV1000 Police Motorcycles. These are fast, agile and manuverable. However it is easy for the Police Officer to be knocked off the bike so that is a tight disadvantage.

However, due to the fact that the Officer is out in the open he can (and under ALL curcumstances) will fire it at you from his bike.

He can also be shot due to the open bike.


Biker Police behave like all other Police, and will branish a gun if you branish one, the only extra bahaviour perk is tht they will shoot you from their bikes regardless of wanted level. Biker police usually chase you when you have a 1-2 star wanted level. They will usually back off after you get too many stars.