Move Up, Ladies

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Move Up, Ladies is the title of the third official trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV, released by Rockstar Games on 6th December 2007. The trailer is action-packed, contains various dialogues and was regarded as the best by some fans.


This detailed analysis is made after the release of the game. Every scene within the trailer is labeled in the table.

Time Analysis
0:00.000 0:05.105 Rating.
0:05.138 0:07.474 Looking northeastward over Happiness Island with the Statue of Happiness in the foreground.
0:07.508 0:09.810 Looking southeastward over the Humboldt River, towards the Broker Bridge and Firefly Island, with a Tug in view.
0:09.810 0:13.013 Roman Bellic welcoming Niko Bellic in "The Cousins Bellic." The time in this scene is during the day instead of night.
0:13.406 0:14.715 Looking northwestward at the lower level of the Algonquin Bridge, focusing on the Subway.
0:14.715 0:16.750 Looking westward on the lower level of the Algonquin Bridge over Rotterdam Hill, a sideview of the Subway.
0:16.750 0:21.922 Inside Roman's apartment in "The Cousins Bellic."
0:21.955 0:24.258
0:24.291 0:26.593
0:26.593 0:28.929
0:28.962 0:31.298
0:31.298 0:32.766
0:32.766 0:33.767
0:33.800 0:34.868
0:34.868 0:36.770
0:36.770 0:37.871
0:37.871 0:40.274
0:40.307 0:42.175
0:42.209 0:44.244
0:44.278 0:46.246
0:46.246 0:48.015
0:48.015 0:53.754
0:53.754 0:54.821


From "The Cousins Bellic"

  • Roman Bellic: Niko! My cousin! I can't believe it! You're here!
  • Niko Bellic: Hey!
  • Roman Bellic: Welcome to America!
  • Niko Bellic: Good to see you, cousin.
  • Roman Bellic: Come in, come in!
  • Niko Bellic: This is the mansion?
  • Roman Bellic: The mansion is coming, cousin. That's the dream.
  • Niko Bellic: What do you mean?

From "Bleed Out"

  • Roman Bellic: We're going to the top, Niko. Soon even you will forget about the Old Country.

From "Blow Your Cover"

From "Final Destination"