Mr. Moffat

Mr. Moffat
Appearances GTA Vice City
Full Name Mr. Moffat


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Vice City

Mr. Moffat was scheduled to be a character in the 3D Universe who was dropped during the development of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Character history

Moffat was scheduled to be someone from Tommy Vercetti's history with Moffat finding himself on the run again in Vice City. He was to appear in a mission where Vercetti would help him escape.[1]


(Over the phone)

Mr. Moffat: Vercetti? VERCETTI!! Damn you man you've got to help me!

Tommy Vercetti: Mr. Moffat? How's family life?

Mr. Moffat: Damn you to hell, HELL, do you hear me?!

Tommy Vercetti: Well it was nice chatting...

Mr. Moffat: WAIT! Wait, Vercetti -Tommy, can I call you Tommy? We're both businessmen, yeah? You know a good deal when you hear one, ok?

Tommy Vercetti: I don't have the time to chat, get to the point.

Mr. Moffat: MONEY. Money is the goddamn point, I've escaped the coop again, but its never long before they track me down -they think its a damned game! I'm at a pay phone somewhere in this god forsaken shit hole. Get me out of here before they take me back and..and..oh go-o-od...

Tommy Vercetti: Well, I'm busy for the next-

Mr. Moffat: No! Don't shit with me here, have a heart! No man should have to do such, such things. I'm on my knees here Tommy, in the dirt begging for you please...

Tommy Vercetti: I guess I could swing by that way see if I can spot you...

Mr. Moffat: Oh god, they're coming. For the love of Christ hurry, hurry!


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