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The Mr. Tasty is an ice cream truck available in Grand Theft Auto IV, replacing Mr. Whoopee. The ice-cream truck music takes its tempo from the vehicle speed, including reverse. It is an ice-Cream Truck version of Boxville manufactured by Brute, but with slightly changed headlights. It can be found parked around or circling the parks on the first and second island. It does have a working radio station, but it can only be played if the ice-cream songs are off.


  • It is a counterpart version of Mr. Whoopee, but does not have any different tunes than the new one.
  • When moderately damaged, the ice-cream music distorts, reasoning that the music is damaged as well. When completely damaged, the music completely dies out, except the car horn.
  • If you honk and call ZIT there is the GTA IV theme song (not after you honk the first time) wich is also a cheat so be careful.