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A Mule in GTA III.
(Rear quarter view)
A Mule in GTA III.
Appearance(s) GTA III
GTA Vice City
GTA San Andreas
GTA Liberty City Stories
GTA Vice City Stories
Vehicle type Commercial truck
Body style Full sized truck
Capacity 2 (driver and 1 passenger)
Manufacturer Maibatsu (HD Universe)

The Mule is a box truck that has been featured in almost all GTA games since GTA III.


The Mule can only support two occupants in the cab; the cargo hold does not normally open, but the cargo hold can be exposed when the door is removed - the truck will contain various items of cargo in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

When introduced in Grand Theft Auto III, the Mule served as a mid-size straight "luton" truck a step below the Yankee, thus being smaller in size (in actuality being narrower) and lighter. As a result, the Mule fares better in speed and acceleration but still possess average-to-poor cornering. In addition, the truck's high center of gravity may also result in easier rollovers and an inability to return upright in many occasions. The GTA III era Mule most closely resembles a 1989 or 1990 Ford E-350 cube van.

In GTA IV and V, it resembles an over-scaled 1994-2004 Isuzu Elf, with minor alterations. It does not tip over as easily as previous games' renditions of the Mule, but is still slow (top speed is 65 mph, or 105 km/h). The GTA IV Mule is manufactured by Maibatsu, and has a 3 litre diesel engine, according to the badging. The Mule comes with various company names painted on the sides, as well as a version with no markings.


A "Vice Voice" Mule in GTA Vice City, with stacks of newspapers visible in the back.



  • The Mule appears in Rockstar North's Manhunt 2.
  • Due to its height, the Mule in GTA IV is unsellable at Stevie's garage, as it will not fit inside.
  • The Mule plays the following radio stations by default when entered:
  • In addition to referring the hoofed animal used to haul cargo, the name may also refer to drug mules, a term for someone who smuggles drugs for others.
A wreck of a Mule in GTA IV.
  • The Mule also appears as a totally stripped and burnt out wreck in some places such as two locations in Alderney. Also, on the KRAPEA website, one of their pages features a white Mule, although this depiction appears as a beta model of the truck, along with the wreck, which also bears a resemblance to the beta model, since it looks less detailed than the actual drivable one.


GTA Vice City
GTA San Andreas
GTA Liberty City Stories
GTA Vice City Stories

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