Multiplayer in The Lost and Damned

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The Lost & Damned DLC pack changes several aspects of online multiplayer, in some cases, removing entire game modes.


  • Mafiya Work (Deathmatch & Team)
  • Car Jack City (Deathmatch & Team)
  • Race (Standard)
  • All Co-Op activities



  • Preferences are now edited in the single-player game via the phone. The host's preferences are set as default for each match they host and cannot be changed.
  • Players cannot taunt, but react verbally as normal when hit.
  • Car and bike handling carries over from single-player, meaning the player handles better on bikes than in cars.
  • All new weapons have been added to the multiplayer map - although many are either rare or simply difficult to find (such as the Street Sweeper).


The player can now jump directly into any multiplayer game by selecting the Quick Start option from their phone. Otherwise, they can select exactly what type of game they want to play as normal.