No. 3

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No. 3 is the third and final mission for Mori Kibbutz in the DLC The Ballad of Gay Tony.


Mori gives headsets for communication for the 'run', and says nothing further about what's about to happen. Luis must go to a garage north of Middle Park where 3 cars are kept - a Turismo, an F620 and a Bullet GT. Each are lined up and Mori takes the lead. The player must follow Mori and weave in and out between streets and police cars (as you gain a 3-star wanted).

Mori leads you through a narrow passage which takes skilled and alert driving. A chopper will fly between Luis and Brucie which shouldn't damage the cars. After tis, Mori will lead the player to use ramps to jump between a few barges. The mission then ends with a cutscene showing the group exhausted from some insane driving.


  • You must take notice of some scripted traffic, such as a Cabby that Mori nearly hit.
  • Try and stay as close to Brucie when driving as possible, because it will have a positive effect on the mission score.
  • Watch your speed - there will be some objects that may lead to your car spinning out of control if driven over or hit.