Not So Fast

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Not So Fast
Game The Ballad of Gay Tony
For Anthony Prince
Target Retrieve the diamonds
Location Middle Park
Fail Luis dies.
Luis Arrested
Niko dies
Johnny dies
Isaac dies
The Buzzard is destroyed.
Reward Cash reward
Unlocks Ladies' Night
Unlocked by ...Blog This!

Not So Fast is a mission in The Ballad of Gay Tony given to protagonist Luis Fernando Lopez by Gay Tony from his apartment at the Little Italy district of Liberty City. It ties in with Museum Piece of Grand Theft Auto IV and Collector's Item of The Lost and Damned. This mission takes place from Luis's point of view, in which he ambushes the diamond exchange between Niko Bellic, Johnny Klebitz, and the Jewish Mob.

In this mission, Luis escapes via helicopter while Niko and Johnny fight goons in the right and left hallway, respectively. Luis drops down from the scaffolding and chases after Isaac Roth after killing several guards and Mori Green during the deal. Isaac hides under the table from Luis. After making Luis an offer, Isaac is knocked unconscious by the butt of his rifle and Luis makes it to the roof, where he takes Yusuf's gold-plated Buzzard to safety after dealing with three police choppers.

Upon completion the player is awarded the Diamonds Forever achievement.


You start from Hercules. You'll phone Yusuf Amir to borrow the his Buzzard, which now has gold plating. After the phone call, get to the West River Helipad, which is not far. Once in the Buzzard, fly to The Libertonian. Once there, go down the scaffolding and watch the deal cutscene from Luis's point of view. After the curscene is finished, climb up the ladders and get back to your Buzzard and fly back to the Helipad. However, 3 NOOSE Annihilator's will force you to turn back and destroy them. It is not a walk in the park however, as they will shoot rockets from their chopper, as well as use their new explosive rounds on you. Use your miniguns to destroy them, as it might be hard to aim the rockets while you're swinging around. A skilled pilot will easily destroy the helicoptors. Destroy them and back to the Helipad. Tony will shout through his Schafter window: "Hey Lou, arriving in style!" and Luis gives him the diamonds.


  • Just like from Johnny's and Niko's point of view, it is possible to kill the other protagonist. Luis can kill both of them, although you fail the mission if any of them die, despite them being enemies.
  • Niko was animated with a different running style during his appearance in this mission. It is the same animation that Brucie and Roman take when on friend activities.
  • Niko can be heard shooting a SMG and Johnny shooting an Assault Shotgun during this mission.
  • This is the first time this event was seen in a different cinematic point of view, as camera angles were edited to show what Luis was doing while Niko and Johnny tried to sell the diamonds. It seems that there has been a re-recording of Luis's voice. There is a slight difference between The Ballad Of Gay Tony and the other versions.
  • Before climbing the ladder to escape the museum, you can hear both Niko and Johnny taunting their enemies.
  • One of the people inside calls the Buzzard a golden monstrosity, while Luis calls it a golden goose.
  • If you have a Carbine Rifle or a M249, it will be replaced by the AK-47 after the cutscene when busting the deal.
  • In GTA IV, Johnny´s bike (the earlier Hellfury was retconned here by Johnny's Hexer) is standing next to the door Johnny uses to exit. However, there is no helicopter on the roof of the museum, and no Annihilator wrecks in the streets after fleeing. Which means that Rockstar Games didn't know (yet) how Luis would end up in this mission.
  • In GTA IV, the bike Johnny used to escape was a Hellfury, this was retconned in TLAD with his custom Hexer. Also, during both GTA IV and TLAD, Luis' version of events were not planned past the point where he crashes the deal, therefore there is no sign of his Buzzard or any Annihilator's in the sky, this can also be seen in TLAD credits.
  • This mission is probably the easiest way to obtain the Police Maverick. Just kill the officers and take it. You will not fail the mission, since you have to get in the Buzzard.

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Mission Requirements

Time: 4:35
Player Damage: 20%
Helicopter Damage: 80%