Off Route

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For this mission, you once again visit the crooked politician Thomas Stubbs III (such an appropriate arrogant name). He's at the same location, with the same arrogant butler, but this time, Stubbs is in a steam room. Johnny eventually enters and listens to Stubbs' plan - to "liberate" some white-collar criminals from a prison transport bus. Johnny tries desperately not to pass out from heat exhaustion, being that he's in a leather jacket fully clothed in a steam room. He finally gets out of the room and the mission is underway. You drive to the location on Rand Avenue and a short cutscene takes control, showing you the layout of the area. Once in control, Johnny bursts into the area and eliminates all the cops within the area, jacking the prison transport bus. From here, Johnny has to evade a somewhat large (3-star) wanted rating. When that's over with, you drive over to the south end of Alderney to a dock to let the prisoners off. Interestingly enough, aside from the mostly-harmless (physically speaking) white-collar criminals, there also appears to be a Hannibal Lecter-like cannibal/serial killer also onboard the bus who in turn boards the boat out of the area. After the successful completion of the mission, Johnny expresses a fake, joking fear for the people on the ship with the cannibal/serial killer in a phone conversation with Stubbs.