Paparazzo - The Highness

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Paparazzo - The Highness
Game GTA V
Protagonist Franklin Clinton
For Beverly Felton
Objective Photograph Princess Georgina buying drugs in Mirror Park.
Location Mirror Park, Los Santos
Fail Franklin gets spotted
Franklin fails to take a photo of the deal
Unlocks Paparazzo - The Reality Check
Unlocked by Three's Company
Paparazzo - The Partnership

Paparazzo - The Highness is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Franklin Clinton by Beverly Felton over the phone while in Mirror Park, Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V.


Franklin Clinton, having agreed to take more photographs for paparazzo Beverly Felton, drives to Mirror Park where he is phoned by Beverly who tells him about the possibility of British royal Princess Georgina buying drugs nearby. Franklin is instructed to meet Beverly's contact who is outside the Aqua Drive-Thru on West Mirror Dr. The contact informs Franklin that the princess is buying drugs behind Chico's Hypermarket and advises him to take the photograph from the roof due to the heavy security. Franklin climbs to the top of the roof and takes the picture of her buying drugs. Franklin sends the photograph to Beverly and is told to leave the area, which he does. Franklin then receives a second phone call from Beverly who tells him that the photo will make big headlines and that it will make him rich with Franklin correcting him stating it will them both rich.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Silent Snapper Photograph Princess Georgina without alerting the British secret service.
Royal Drag Photograph Princess Georgina buying the drugs.


(Franklin arrives at Mirror Park and is phoned by Beverly)

Beverly Felton: Yo, what up, my brother? Check this shit out! You know Princess Georgina, that snooty English royal?'

Franklin Clinton: Shit, not really. She don't kick it in Chamberlain Hills much.

Beverly Felton: Well, word has it she likes to blaze one for Queen and country, if you know what I mean. There's a deal going down right now. I need you to meet my contact outside Chico's Hypermarket. And try not to blow his cover. Okay?

Franklin Clinton: A'ight man, this one I got. I'll hit you when it's done.

(Franklin drives to Aqua Drive-Thru)

Beverly Felton's Contact: Yo, you Beverly's boy?

Franklin Clinton: Shit, I guess I am, homie.

Beverly Felton's Contact: They're round the back, heavy security. I'd take a photo from the roof I was you. Okay, I gotta go. This conversation never happened.

Franklin Clinton: Yeah, I got you homie, it's good.

(Franklin begins climbing to the roof of Chico's Hypermarket)

Drug Dealer: I have Sticky Cowboy, Mindless Passion, Purple Plunder, Endless Panic, whatever you want.

Princess Georgina: Marvelous. I'll take it all.

Drug Dealer: Okay.

Princess Georgina: I am on holiday... I mean, apart from a few photoshoots with orphans and cripples, but, like, I could do that in a coma. They really are the same the whole world round, you know?

Drug Dealer: Okay. Gimme a second.

Princess Georgina: So, like, back in England, my help would, like, totally do this for me. But they're, like, super scared of being arrested and totally banged by scary dudes in a US jail, yah? So, like, so ghastly. It's just, it's such a total drag. I mean, the UK tax payer gives them money to protect me and be my servant, so they should just, like, do what I say. Even if it's, like, lick my shoe, or buy me drugs, or, like, perform a sex act on my dog. You know, the tax payer should totally get their money's worth, right? I mean, back when we had an empire, the king could, like, chop people's heads off and stuff, and that was so much better. I mean, the Queen is, like, my granny. Yuo know, it takes hundreds of years of inbreeding to get a recessed chin, buck teeth, and a snout-like nose like mine. I mean, I'm a rare breed. I should be, like, cherished and stuff.

Drug Dealer: Okay. Here you go. This should chill you the fuck out.

Princess Georgina: Will one of you apes please pay this poor man? Really, the secret service has gone down the pan. Thank you. Fantastic! I really enjoy meeting the underclass. I'm so relatable in that way.

(Franklin, having taken a photograph, sends it to Beverly)

Beverly Felton (text message): Sweeeeet! Get the fuck out of there!

(Franklin leaves the area or allows Princess Georgina and the British secret service to leave)

Beverly Felton: Incredible, dude! That photo is solid gold. This is bigger than climate change. Imagine the headlines. All those highness puns! I'm going to be rich!

Franklin Clinton: Don't you mean we?

Beverly Felton: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, mi casa, tu casa. You know? I'll catch you later, I need to get this to print!


Lifeinvader posts

Beverly Felton's page
  • Beverly Felton: Her royal HIGHNESS Princess Georgina likes to get royally blazed! And guess who got the photo? I am on a roll!
  • Beverly Felton: The reality show is happening! It's really happening! From celebrity hunter to celebrity! (if Princess - The Highness is the last of the celebrity photos missions for Beverly) Bleets

  • @zachdealba: Me, some bubble wrap, a bottle of rum. I'd say I got myself a party.
  • @sophiephair: I'm starting to think spending $30,000 on a liberal arts degree was a mistake
  • @biggavin88: no way that hot english royalgot totally busted for weed in LS!!!
  • @sammydumbell22: That girl born without a face. I'd hit it. You don't look at the mantelpiece when you're stoking the fire ;)
  • @PremiumDeluxeMotorsport: There is problem with customer service hotline please stop calling it
  • @tammycukgud: @jerryvanek I just ate a peanut that reminded me of your dick. Go to hell you cheating bastard.
  • @PirateMusicStore: Arrrr! Pirate Music locations closing throughout the country - 50$% of all cds. Those are discs with music on it.
  • @MirandaCowan: You're only as young as the man in your bed and the hormones in your system.
  • @londonyoyofreak: I'm appalled by this media stunt the Americans have pulled on Princess Georgina! Drugs? What absolute rubbish! Leave our royal family alone!
  • @JimmyDS: 2 werds 4 u tracey - CLOWN - POCKET.

News updates

Royal Reefer

WNKA International - Gavin McTavern

Minor royal Princess Georgina has fallen victim to yet another media sting operation on her latest visit to the USA. The party-loviung young royal, believing wholeheartedly that she was on a tour of impoverished inner city Los Santos neighbourhoods, was lured into a trap by unscrupulous paparazzi to make it look like she was buying marijuana from a drug dealer. Princess Georgina is said to be devastated and embarrassed that she allowed herself to be taken advantage of so naively. Maybe if the Americans had their own royal family instead or worshipping pathetic celebrities, they might show some semblance of class, morality and common decency.

Nature fighting back.

LS24 - Annie Frost

The suburbs and outskirts of Los Santos are undergoing what some say is an apocalyptic plague. Residents say invasive species harass residents of gated communities who moved to the wilderness in order to live a stress free life away from deer. They claim the wildlife eat their gardens. Local governments are discussing a massive poisoning initiative in order to reset the balance. Maybe they should try the residents first.


The mission Paparazzo - Reality Check for Beverly Felton is unlocked after completing Paparazzo - The Highness.

Video walkthrough

Xbox 360 Version - GTASeriesVideos
18 mintues and 57 seconds in