Patriot 500

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File:Patriot 500.png
Patriot 500 logo
File:SArednecks--article image.jpg
Footage from the Patriot 500 commercial on CNT.

The Patriot 500 is a stock car racing event advertised in Grand Theft Auto IV on CNT sponsored by Patriot Beer. The commercial airs before the first segment of I'm Rich.

Commercial Script

  • Announcer: Hey racefans, it's coming! Saturdays, don't miss the Patriot 500 Live from Patriot Beer Motor Speedway! It's edge of your seat excitement as rednecks drive around in a circle 500 times!


  • The Patriot 500's commercial is supposedly set at Patriot Beer Motor Speedway, but it is actually Carl Johnson, protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, driving a Hotring Racer on the Los Santos International Airport's runway in the game-world of GTA: San Andreas.
  • Ironically, although promoting the event, the commercial is mocking it with the popular insult to auto racing that all cars do is "race in circles for hours".