Patrol Invest Group

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The Patrol Invest Group, referred to collectively as the "P.I.G.s", is a security firm that mainly operates as a legitimate security force in Vice City, but they are involved in some illegal protection services. Their "turf," so to speak, are the areas of North Point Mall, Escobar International Airport, Leaf Links Golf Club, and Starfish Island. The P.I.G.s appear in missions as hired protection for Congressman Alex Shrub and the band Love Fist. They also attack the Streetwannabes gang and VCPD police officers moreso than other gangs or organizations. They appear many times throughout GTA:VC, most notably during the mission where they attempt to move in on some of Tommy's protection rackets in Ocean Beach, in which Tommy then decides to wipe out the guards involved and destroy their office. They also have links to the Vice City Triads, helping them with their illegal money printing operation by providing protection for them.