Pegorino's Pride

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After completing Truck Hustle, Phil Bell recommends Niko to his boss, Jimmy Pegorino, whom Phil asks Niko to go meet at his mansion in Westdyke.

When Niko arrives Pegorino explains that he has been trying to get his Alderney crew onto the Liberty City based Commission for years and that he is hoping that his friendly stance toward Pavano operations in Alderney is about to pay off. He's going to meet the Pavanos and bring them a cash offering in Acter Industrial Park in hopes of convincing them to put a good word into the Commission on the Pegorino's behalf. Pegorino however does not entirely trust the Pavanos and asks Niko to come and watch over the meet with a sniper rifle.

Niko then drives Jimmy and two of his goons, Marco Bonnaro and Peter Marchetti, to the meet. Within seconds of commencing the meeting erupts into gunshots as the Pavanos ambush Pegorino killing Marco and Peter. Pegorino fights and eventually makes a run for a warehouse while Niko must man the sniper rifle and make sure Pegorino survives.

Niko eventually finds a wounded and outraged Jimmy P slumped over in the warehouse as a Pavano car speeds off with Jimmy's offering. Niko and Jimmy then chase the car down to the docks where Niko eliminates the Pavanos and gets Jimmy's cash back.